June 4, 2014

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Last Wednesday, Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears, entered their Lower Pond Habitat.  This section represents the completion of their summer habitat and gives them an area a little over 5 acres in size to explore and play in.  

With some new territory opening up, they immediately went into exploration mode and checked out what was new in the Lower Pond.  First up - frog eggs for lunch.

Both bears went into the pond itself and began rummaging around on the bottom where they pulled up several masses of frog eggs that were stuck to sticks at the bottom of the pond.  I suppose they found them a bit of a delicacy.  Afterwards, they then explored the rest of that habitat and checked out the cliff area and munched on some fresh grasses in the lower field.

They have also constructed new bears in the Lower habitat's forested area.  

This is our Bear Discovery Summer so make sure to check out our movies in the chalet, our Ranger Talks and Eco-walks, our Grizzly Lookout interpretive centre and our new offering - Breakfast with the Bears!  Check out www.grousemountain.com for more details.

And please stop by the habitat on your next trip to the mountain and go on a bear discovery tour of your own and find out just which area Grinder and Coola are in at the time!  

June 4, 2014