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Today marked the first day that Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, entered their Lower Pond Habitat in 2015.  

This is also the earliest ever in the springtime that they have had access to their entire 5.5 Acre Summer Habitat.  Each year we have to take the fencing down when the bears go into hibernation as the amount of snow we typical get could damage the fencing.  After the bears wake up it typically takes anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months to get the habitat back up.  This year's low snow pack allowed us to get the fencing back up quickly! 

Please come up and visit Grinder and Coola and see them explore the ponds, hills, trees and fields within their all natural habitat.


It’s back for its 20th year! Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play pass goes on-sale February 15th. Ski or ride for the rest of this season and all of next for up to 80% off. Please be aware, the Munday Alpine Snowshoe Park is currently on Standby as snow stability assessments are being conducted, check back frequently for details. Blue Grouse Loop remains open. The Mountaintop Ice Skating Pond will be closed from 8am-12pm and 3pm-6pm for the Junior Pond Hockey Tournament. Great news riders and skiers, the Grouse Park in Side Cut is now open!