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Today marked the 2016 opening of Grinder and Coola's (our two resident Grizzly Bears) Lower Pond habitat.  This is the second phase of their habitat and now allows them full access to their 5.5 acre habitat.

Each year, due to snow load, we have to take down the fencelines for their habitats.  Then, in the spring, we need to put them back up.  We do this in three stages: first a small area around their hibernation habitat where they can come out to play in the snow while we work on the other areas, second the 2.5 acre Upper Pond habitat and finally the 2.5 acre Lower Pond habitat.

Grinder and Coola were excited to enter their new digs and promptly explored the large pond, fishing out some frog eggs for a mid-afternoon snack.  They then explored around, seeing if anything had changed from last season.

We hope you come up and visit them soon and see their full summer habitat!  It's amazing to watch them play and explore!

Some photos from the afternoon follow.