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happy to explore

For the first time in 2018, Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears, were given access into their 2.5 acre Lower Pond Habitat to explore.  Due to some needed repairs, this section of their habitat was closed a bit longer than anticipated.  This delay, however, has allowed the grass a chance to grow quite long and for there to be lots of fresh forage to explore.  Be sure to visit them in their new digs!

A buffet of delights

The large pond in the aptly named Lower Pond Habitat, contains many tasty delights for Grinder and Coola.  Their favourites are the frog and salamander eggs located around the edges of the pond and attached to sticks.  One of the first things the bears did upon entering Lower Pond was to go into the pond and start lifting up sticks to check for egg masses.  Because of their late entry into this side of their summer habitat, however, many of the eggs had already hatched.  The clusters they did find, however, did not last long before the bears feasted on them.


As an added bonus we gave Grinder and Coola one of their favourite treats - watermelon!  They each got a whole melon and made short work of opening it up and eating the tasty flesh from the middle.  They often save the rinds for later when they'll pick them up and crunch them down!