Grouse Mountain will be closed for scheduled maintenance on various dates this month: Monday, April 15, Monday, April 22, Tuesday, April 23, and Thursday, April 25. There will be no access to the Skyride and mountaintop facilities on these dates.
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new territory to explore

Today Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly Bears, entered their Lower Pond habitat for the first time since September 2019.  This completes their 5.5 acre habitat and gives them a new chunk of forest and a new pond system to explore.

Last summer we decided to give the habitat a chance to regrow and refresh the plant life.  This year it is looking extremely lush.  The bears thought so too!

The first thing they did upon entering was fish out some frog eggs that had been in their pond.  They also munched on the fresh greens that were growing.

This lower area has a thick forested area that the bears love to build day beds inside.  They can often be found sitting on the cliffs watching the riders of our Peak Chairlift as well.

Be sure to visit them in their newly expanded habitat!  We look forward to welcoming you to the refuge.