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Today Grinder and Coola entered their Lower Pond habitat for the first time in 2023.  With a heavier than normal snowload this year it took a week or two longer than normal to get this last area of their full summer habitat re-constructed for the season.  However, with this addition the bears now have access to their full 5.5 acre natural mountainside habitat.

As expected, Grinder was first into the new area and proceeded to check the pond for salamandar eggs that normally are laid on the various sticks and debris on the pond bottom.  Coola soon followed.  But to the dismay of the bears (and the delight of the salamanders) the couple week delay getting the habitat opened allowed the majority of the eggs to hatch!  So there were slim pickings for the boys this year.  Not to worry, however, as their caretakers had laid out some yummy treats for them instead!

This habitat features some bear favorite areas under some dense tree coverage as well as a large open field, large pond and a cliff area where their favorite activity is watching people ride the Peak Chairlift to the top of the mountain.

Be sure to stop by and see Grinder and Coola exploring their new digs!  Here's a few more photos from today: