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Today marked the earliest annual date ever that Grinder and Coola have entered their Upper Pond Habitat.  Shortly before Noon we were ready for them and we opened the gate to their summer habitat.  

Both bears emerged slowly, still lethargic, and proceeded to explore their familiar surroundings.  They quickly found, and made a quick snack of, the lettuce we had stashed around the habitat mimicking the wild grasses and skunk cabbage they'd be finding in the wild.  

After checking things out both bears went back in for yet another nap - play time will have to wait until they have more energy!  For now some good naps, followed by exploring, are the order of the day.

We do expect the bears to get more active as the days and weeks go on - so please be sure to stop by their habitat when you are up top and keep an eye out for the boys!

Also, in some exciting news, our wildly popular Breakfast with the Bears program re-starts for 2015 this Sunday, March 22nd - be sure to sign up!

Some photos of the days activity: