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This morning was one of snow play and tunnel digging for our two resident Grizzly Bears, Grinder and Coola. Our mountain teams had been working hard over the past couple weeks to prepare the 2.5 acre Upper Pond habitat for Grinder and Coola. 

The bears came out of hibernation on April 28th, about three weeks ago, and have been living in their hibernation habitat which is an outdoor area designed to give them some access to the snow and conditions while their large habitats are prepared. Our crews had to deal with clearing a 10 foot snow pack away from the edge of the Grizzly Habitat in order to get our electric fence up and have room for viewing. 

The Upper Pond habitat has lots for them to explore and we pushed the snow up into giant mounds inside too! The bears have already begun their excavation of snow tunnels and caves which will no doubt grow quite extensive in the weeks ahead. Our focus now turns to preparing the 2.5 acre Lower Pond Habitat which completes their over five acres of the Grizzly Bear habitat at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife. 

This weekend is our summer opening and we'll be hosting Breakfast with the Bears, daily Ranger Talks, daily Owl Talks, our Birds in Motion Demonstrations, guided mountain-top Eco Walks and much more! 

It would be a great weekend to get up and see Grinder and Coola in their new ... digs! 

Happy Long Weekend!