Please be advised, Altitudes Bistro will be closing at 3:00pm today, Tuesday June 25th, due to a private event. 
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Today marked the bears' entrance to the upper 2.5 acres of their 5 acre habitat here at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.  Both bears emerged from their hibernation den on April 19th this year after a 149-day hibernation period.  

Since then, they have been hanging out in their smaller hibernation habitat while we set-up their larger pond habitat.  Both bears were excited to finally be into an area where they can explore the deeper water of their two ponds.

After a brief look around, both bears jumped in the water and had a good rinse off - getting rid of the rest of the hibernation dust in their coats.

daily ranger talks

We're also pleased to announce that we have started our daily Ranger Talks at 10am, 12:45pm and 3:30pm each day.  The talks will tell you more about the history of our refuge and how Grinder and Coola came to be residents here.  We also walk you through some amazing Grizzly Bear information and facts that relates to both Grinder and Coola as well as Grizzly Bears in the wild in British Columbia.

We look forward to welcoming you at the habitats and sharing our love and knowledge of these amazing wild animals.