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Grinder and Coola, our two sleepy grizzly bears, have begun to move around more and more often.  Last week marked a drastic increase in temperatures and this, combined with lengthening amounts of daylight, have combined to give the bears reason to stir out of their long winter slumber.

This week we will commence feeding - which for the first little while will be nothing more than romaine lettuce - and crews are working on constructing the outdoor hibernation habitat.  It should soon be ready and Grinder and Coola will be eager to romp and play outdoors for the first time in 2013.

We have to feed the bears a small amount to begin with to 'jump start' their digestive and metabolic systems.  Then we can gradually increase their food amounts to help them put back on the weight lost.  They have not had a meal since late November last year!

Stay tuned for futher updates in the near future.  Once the bears have left the hibernation den we'll turn on our outdoor habitat cameras so everyone out there can follow along as well.

More to come...


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