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Today we had about 120,000 new guests on Grouse Mountain - 16 new hives of Honey Bees!

Their arrival marks the expansion of our honey bee program and the arrival of our Small Wonder's summer starting this weekend.  The bee's will live here year round but of course will be most active in the summertime when they will pollinate our flowers and create some sweet tasting honey.  Each hive could grow to contain 40,000 bees or more!

The bee yard can be viewed near the top of our Expo Ski-Run - mind the electric fence that is designed to keep our local black bears out of the hives and honey! (NOTE: 2017 - the bees have moved to the base area).

Here are a few more photos of the bees arriving:


Due to extended maintenance, our Skyride is CLOSED for today May 19th. Please check our website or social media pages prior to your visit for the most up-to-date information.