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Our honeybees were busy these past two weeks as their optimum forage, the white-dwarf clover that has been planted all over the mountain in the last couple of years, was in full bloom.  Also the weather was finally warm and dry after a rather wet start to July.

 Our bees, as well as the wild bees that call Grouse Mountain home, managed to have a great harvest at the end of the clover bloom as we had approximately 2 weeks of warm dry weather allowing them to get out of their hives and re-stock.

During the wet weather we were feeding the bees a syrupy mix of sugar and water to help them get by on days when they could not leave the hives to forage.  We scaled this back as the warm weather came on and it encouraged them to get out and find natural forage.

The month of August looks promising for honey production as all of our wildflowers are in bloom and the weather looks much better overall.  We're hoping that by the end of the month we'll have some honey ready for harvest!  Stay tuned!