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Migration underway

As March 21st and the advent of spring approaches we are noticing a few of our migrant bird species beginning to return to Grouse Mountain!

Many songbirds fly south for the winter - the extent of their migration is dependent upon the specific species and their wintering requirements.  Some, like our Barn Swallows, have been known to go as far south as Brazil each year!

Some of these species migrate at night for protection and often they are in large flocks.  Even at night up here at Grouse Mountain it is common to hear bird songs at night as migration happens!

Recently we also hear the first Grouse of the year making it's bellowing 'whomp whomp whomp' sounds and establishing a breeding territory.

It is a fun time of year as each day brings new arrivals and familiar calls. 

Be sure to get out into your local parks or even visit us here at Grouse Mountain to see what old friends are arriving!  Don't forget your binoculars!