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This year, clinic trainer Jenn Mar has put together a great training schedule that you can follow throughout the weeks leading up to Seek the Peak. 

The goal is for anyone interested to get in three training days a week, with Tuesday being the group night.

RSVP at:

If you haven't yet registered for Seek the Peak, click here. Once registered, our weekly training clinics are free for you to attend.

Now meet the trainers...
Jenn Mar 

Jenn's mission is to support and inspire others to live healthy, joyful and extraordinary lives. She has been passionately developing and instructing both road and trail clinics of all levels with North Shore Athletics, Fresh Air Life, ICBC, Sun Run and Running Room for over 12 enthusiastic years. 

As a full time staff member and clinic coordinator of North Shore Athletics since 2003, Jenn has had the privilege of working with an amazing team and participating in all aspects of the unique health and wellness community of the North Shore. Some of Jenn's personal athletic achievements include Knee Knacker 2007 and 2009, as well as the Boston Marathon 2011. She also maintains a dedicated yoga practice and is thrilled to be involved with Seek the Peak Relay 2012 training.
Timberly George 
Guest Appearance on June 12th  

Timberly holds her post-graduate diploma from Sport Physiotherapy Canada and works as a Sport Physiotherapist at City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic in downtown Vancouver. She is very active in the sport medicine community at the regional, national and international levels. 

She was the Venue Medical Manager at the Richmond Olympic Oval during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and has travelled the world as a team therapist for Rugby and Field Hockey Canada. Timberly is one of the Vancouver Sun Run’s “Ask an Expert” panel members and provides injury prevention advice to runners at local run clinics around the city. 

In Timberly's spare time, she is an avid cyclist and runner and can often be found running the trails or riding one of her bikes around the mountains of the North Shore and the Sea to Sky corridor.

Timberly will focus her session on Injury Prevention
Robbi-Layne Robertson
Guest Appearance on May 22nd

I found yoga while on a trip to India for a friend's wedding. I really enjoyed the “doing/activity” of yoga and felt great after, both in my body and mind. The inner peace that comes from practicing is what keeps me coming back to the mat. The physical benefits of yoga: strength, balance, flexibility and focus support all my other sports and outdoor activities. 

Tools for Living Tools for Life inc. has become a means for me to share through and apply my years of academics. It is a great method to pass along teaching skills, love of activity, propensity for play, counseling and communication training to create opportunities for fun non-competitive, social, emotional, physical learning and exploration.
Trevor Killian
Guest Appearance on June 5th

Trevor graduated from Chiropractic School in the year 2000. He loves helping people with their health and their spines. 

He has a busy successful office in Downtown Vancouver. Trevor has been a runner since high school, first as a rugby player and then competing in 10k races and half marathons. In 2011, he participated in his first Ironman (Lake Placid). He completed it with a time of 11 hours and 33 minutes. Trevor is excited about training for Ironman Canada this year and is hoping to qualify for the Ironman world championships in Hawaii.


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