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It's hard to believe it's almost July!  It's finally starting to feel like summer up here at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.  The wolves are in their sleek summer coats, the bears are lounging around their entire 5.5 acre habitat and the Bird's in Motion team is flying their raptors every day.

In addition to our work, the wildlife of Grouse Mountain is also in full spring mode.  We've seen our first young Black-tailed Deer of the year, roaming around and eating the fresh grasses.  Also, some young black bear cubs have been spotted.

The birds are not to be left out!  Many fledgling birds are leaving the nest at this time and following the parents out into the world at large.  Families of Steller's Jays have been coming to our feeding station to show their young how to crack black oil sunflower seeds.  An interesting observation I noticed today is the parent Jay does not feed the fledgling directly but rather shows them closely how they are cracking and eating the seeds.
The young yell incessantly at the parent, however, so it makes for some interesting watching!

The Steller's Jay is the official Provincial Bird of British Columbia.  They nest each spring in the Coniferous Forests around the Province.  They have one clutch of 2-6 eggs that they incubate for approximately 16 days before hatching.  The young take approximately 20-30 days before they are ready to leave the nest and learn how to care for themselves.

Be sure to watch for these bright blue coloured birds the next time you are up here on Grouse Mountain!


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