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Skiing and riding isn’t far away, and now’s the time to get fit! A fitness regime is key to getting the most out of the season. Pre-season prep means you’ll hit the slopes with gusto - feeling great on the snow, and making yourself less vulnerable to injury. We connected with one of Grouse Mountain’s ski pros, Adam, to get his top tips for efficient snow season preparation.

Pursue General Conditioning
Skiing and snowboarding rely heavily on core and lower body strength. Any activity that engages the core, glutes and legs is going to be beneficial. Running, Crossfit and circuit training are all great activities to help build general conditioning. As little as two sessions a week will pay dividends.

Build Stamina 
Isolated exercises such as squats, lunges and planking are great for helping to engage and tax muscles and build stamina. To get the most out of these exercises, though, good form is important. This short YouTube video from Profeet provides three great exercises, with helpful tips on form, to help prepare for on-snow action.

Be Flexible
Yoga is a great way to build flexibility and strength. It also has lots of benefits associated with mental clarity. By completing even a short yoga sequence, with regularity, you’ll quickly see improvements in flexibility. SnowFlow, has developed a great, 10-minute sequence that you can use both as a pre-season tool and on days where you’re going to be on the mountains.

Don’t Forget About Your Calves 
Sitting or standing calf raises help to build muscular development increasing stability. When you encounter choppy snow or rough terrain, strong calves will help you to keep edge contact.

There are so many great resources available, including workouts on and a series on the “Functional Body” by Tom Gellie. Sometimes extensive or elaborate programs can be intimidating or just not feasible given other life commitments. The most important thing is to do something. Start small, build as you go, and if you fall out of the routine – start again.

Adam Thompson is a Snow School Instructor at Grouse Mountain. Adam has a CSIA II certification and is starting his second season at the Resort.