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We have been discussing the importance of ‘Green Meetings’ over the last month and I thought I'd post a few tips as to how you can host green meetings and reduce your footprint using the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Use electronic programs or brochures for registration and confirmation procedures
  • Presentation handouts can be efficiently made available online or through an electronic source
  • If handout materials are required, be sure to print on the front and back sides of the paper 
  • Bring along your own pen or pencil 

  • Use name tags that can be worn in reusable holders – don’t forget to collect these after your meeting for use at your next event
  • Use reusable or recyclable signs to direct people to your meeting 
  • Remove unused handouts from the meeting and reuse them in your office or at your next meeting 

  • Host your meeting at a venue that has an in-house recycling system 
  • Collect unused paper and deposit into recycle bins if they cannot be reused in the office 
Another important step when organizing a green meeting is to ask participants for their cooperation and participation. Encourage them to carpool or take public transit to the venue. Don’t be afraid to remind them during the meeting of the ‘Green’ efforts in place and be sure to switch the light off when you leave.


 Grouse Mountain is introducing a new seasonal closure November 1 – 12 that will take place annually as the Mountain transitions between its Summer and Winter operations. Please visit our News post for more information.