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Yesterday Grinder and Coola, our two orphaned Grizzly Bears, emerged from their hibernation den and into the fresh snow!  This brought an end to their 12th hibernation period on Grouse Mountain.  The boys have not been outside since last November and have only recently begun to eat lettuce and carrots to help jump start their metabolism.

The bears were ecstatic to be outside and, after munching on some hidden food, proceeded to romp around their habitat and wrestle, slide and dig. 

There are some good sized snow mounds still inside the habitat and we expect that they will soon construct their usual snow caves and tunnels.  I'll be sure to post some photos when they do!

Visitors to Grouse Mountain can now visit Grinder and Coola in their hibernation habitat by following the signs in front of the chalet.  

It's exciting to see them out and about again and having a great time.  More updates to follow soon.


Be sure to sharpen your skates - the mountaintop Ice Skating Pond opens tomorrow, Friday November 16th at 9am! Rentals are also available from the Fireside Hut.