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Last Thursday marked the end of the 2014 season for Grinder and Coola and the beginning of their 14th hibernation period here on Grouse Mountain.

Both bears had been spending more and more time inside the den and had built a deep mattress of fir branches to sleep on.  Once we notice them spending most of their time asleep on the bed, and temperatures have dropped below zero, we make the final decision and close the door to their bear hotel for the winter.

We are really pleased to be offering a brand new, wider angle, infrared bear den camera this winter!

This new camera shows most of the interior of the bear den and works by picking up infrared light from emitters mounted in the wall.

We are excited to have this chance to share with you just what goes on inside a bear's den during the winter time.  Have a watch and you'll discover that Grinder and Coola are more active than you would think!  They roll over, stretch, sit up, re-make the bed and carry out a range of other activities during the winter.  These movements keep their bones and muscles healthy and prevent any atrophy over the months of hibernation.