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As the days begin to grow longer, Grinder and Coola are beginning to stir more often inside their bear hotel.  Recently we've even seen them leaving their bear bed den and exploring the larger section of the bear hotel.  You can check out Grinder in the video below sniffing and pawing at the fresh snow fall in the front of the bear hotel.  Both bears were also observed doing some light wrestling and play behaviors.  Coola can be seen below in the second video pawing at the bear bed and doing a bit of bed maintenance!

This is the time of year where the bears will slowly begin to get more active.  Daylight and outside temperatures play a large role in the bear's activity level.  While we are still receiving a fair bit of new snow, the amount of daylight is lengthening each day and the bears are sensing this and beginning to roam outside of their sleeping chamber.

Depending on temperatures, we anticipate the bears emerging from hibernation at some point in April.

Watch for further updates!