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Yesterday marked the beginning of official winter preparations for our two resident Grizzly Bears, Grinder and Coola.  The bears were moved into their hibernation habitat where they will prepare their den for their long winter sleep. 

Both bears have been gaining weight steadily since early September and as of yesterday Coola weighed in at 1013 pounds and Grinder was 906 pounds.  This is still about 30 pounds lighter than when they went into hibernation last year but there are still a few weeks of eating left to go!

The next stages will be the bears continuing to put on their last few pounds and also creating their bed bed inside the den.  We provide them with a big pile of Pacific Silver Fir branches selectively harvested from around the mountain.  Then the bears drag them in and prepare them as they like.  Coola is known as the bed maker as it is he who normally does most of the bed making while Grinder supervises - Grinder has been known to even pull a branch or two out if he doesn't like what Coola has done!

After their bed is made and the snow starts to fall the bears will spend increasing amounts of time inside the den until it is time for us to close the door and say goodnight for the season.  Stay tuned!

Be sure to watch our bear den camera, now active, at to follow along with their preparations.