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The weather has turned warm over these last couple of weeks and that means only one thing to the bears - pool time! These days it is quite common to see Grinder and Coola hanging out in one of their three ponds within their five acre habitat. Sometimes it's a quick dip and other times they will be in for hours.

Both Grinder and Coola have stashed some of their favourite items, including old bones, branches, grass clumps and an old shovel handle, in the mud at the bottom of the ponds. It is not uncommon to see them with their heads submerged (ears poking out of course!) and paws active as they search the bottom for where they last left their items. Today, Coola was playing with an old bone and was twirling it between his front paws and his back and finally flipped it up into the air. It was quite comical to watch!

Also, what would a pond be without a little playful wrestling? Grinder and Coola can be found having a good ol'fashioned pool fight usually at least once per day. This includes splashing, dunking and jumping on one another. I don't think they've ever heard about the rule of no running on the pool deck either!


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