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During the month of October Grinder and Coola receive a treat they only get at this time of the year - pumpkins!  Since they are something new and rare their curiosity is immediately peaked an d they are eager for a taste.

While they love the inside pumpkin flesh, we also usually give them a bit of an added bonus by stuffing extra treats such as fish, dog food or even fruits and berries inside the pumpkins.  We then place them into the habitat and let Grinder and Coola have at them.

They do not last for very long as the bears eagerly carve up their pumpkin treats using their powerful front claws and feast on the tasty items inside.  

Of course, just like us, after a good meal who can't resist a good face wash!  Check out Grinder rinsing off below after his pumpkin feast.

Both bears are now getting ready for hibernation and have increased their bulk considerably - we are expecting them to enter their 13th hibernation here on Grouse around the end of November.