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Happy Halloween from Grinder and Coola and all of us here at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife!

To celebrate, we gave Grinder and Coola (the two Grizzly Bears that inhabit the refuge) their very own pumpkins to carve up today!  The pumpkins didn't last very long with a thousand pounds of bear jumping on them but they sure were a tasty treat.  Both bears love the inside fruit of the pumpkin but are not so fond of the rind which they leave for us to clean up.

Grinder and Coola have gained a lot of weight and are close to being ready for their hibernation period.  They still have a good appetite though and continue to eat approximately thirty pounds of food a day each!

Depending on the weather, we anticipate them going into hibernation some point during the mid to end of November. 

Stay tuned for updates and check out the photos below!