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In the beginning.
Two and a half years ago, while tipping the scale at just over the 230lbs. mark, the mere thought of jogging around the block (never mind running) would leave me short of breath. Now, when I heard of the opportunity to conquer a run from the ocean to the peak of Vancouver, a feeling of excitement seems to fall over me. Weird right? I used to despise running and now we’re talking about hurling my body up the side of a mountain? 

Oh how the times have changed. 

The road to now. 
This change of heart is the product of embarking on my very own version of a "Belly off Club” mission. A series of outrageous runs have turned into exciting challenges. True, getting here didn’t come easy and it certainly wasn't from some magical weight loss pill or any other shortcut methods. Nope! Just an abundance of old fashioned hard work, dedication, and most importantly a ton of self-motivation. Something I believe we are all fully capable of. 
Present day.
I’m hoping to take what I have learned over the past few years and share it with others in an attempt to help them achieve success in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. 

Just like the feeling of summiting the Grouse Grind or crushing a personal best half marathon time, the feeling of waking up and knowing your body is healthy and capable of accomplishing almost anything is truly gratifying. 

Follow me over the next month and a half of training and balancing an everyday average kind of guy’s lifestyle. Through my stories I hope you are able to pull inspiration and perhaps even borrow a few strategies for yourself and your pursuit of that ultimate healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next week!
— Brad Cashman

P.P.S. Want to know more info? Check out the details here.


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