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Our pack of three male timber wolves have been doing quite well at the base of the mountain.  Their 2.5 acre habitat provides them with forested areas, a stream, a pond and some open grassy areas with hilltops for vantage points.  When the fall weather brings the heavy rains it can get quite damp outside and so we have provided them with a man-made shelter on the east side of their habitat.

The wolves only use this lean-to (with a waterproof roof) on the rainiest of days and evenings but having a look inside shows that they have definitely done some re-decorating and bed making within.

Each wolf has made a unique hollow in the rock/dirt ground as a sleeping spot for themselves.  The den was designed to imitate a small rocky cave and, as such, has a dirt floor with some crumbled rock.  The wolves have pushed the dirt and rock around to create hollows that are several inches deep and rounded to the shape of their sleeping bodies.  Check out the pictures above for some examples!

The wolves have created similar beds in the habitat's forest.  These serve more as day beds and as summer night-time beds and share many properties with the beds in the rocky den.

The wolves have fascinating behaviors to watch and this den making and bed building are just some that stood out on a recent den inspection.  

Hope you enjoy the photos!


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