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On the 17th April 2012, the Insurance Institute of BC decided to host their Annual Western Regional Meeting dinner in the City Timber Room.

Grouse Mountain was chosen as the venue as they wanted a place different than a regular restaurant dinner. "We were looking for something unique to Vancouver, and something that would showcase our beautiful city to our out-of-town guests,” says Charlene from the Institute. 

After a site inspection on a very snowy day, the event organizers were won over by the idea of a fondue dinner. They decided that the Mountain was the perfect way to showcase the city - and bring something different and unique to the evening.

To enhance the Vancouver-only experience, the group rented a Vancouver Trolley to transport attendees from downtown Vancouver to the base of the Mountain.
The Fondue dinner was a hit with the cheese and chocolate courses garnering special attention from the hungry group.

Thank you to the Institute of BC for choosing Grouse Mountain as a venue for their special event - and for showcasing our city from a different altitude.


 Grouse Mountain is introducing a new seasonal closure November 1 – 12 that will take place annually as the Mountain transitions between its Summer and Winter operations. Please visit our News post for more information.