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Emerging last Friday, April 19th, from their bear den, Grinder and Coola have been enjoying the outdoor snow and now the warm sunshine as well!

As we suspected, in short order they proceeded to excavate a large snow cave in the mound of snow inside their habitat.  This cave is now deep enough and wide enough to accommodate both bears.  That being said, they seem to have made a game of playing 'king of the snow cave' and enjoy trying to keep the other bear out when they are inside the entryway.  

They have also been observed sliding down the sides of the snow pile and generally acting like kids on a snow day.  This is one of the best times of the year to get up and see them.  The warm weather looks like it will be sticking around this week so I highly recommend coming up for some bear snow Olympics!

Here are some photos of the antics:


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