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Mortimer the Yellow-bellied Marmot, who has been spotted in West Vancouver has decided it was time for a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of Marine Drive and has moved uphill to a local Country Club where he has been spotted relaxing by the tennis courts.  The photo above was taken (thanks Danielle!) this week of Mortimer making his rounds.

Yellow-bellied marmots are native to the interior regions of British Columbia, but often they catch rides on trucks or other shipping containers and are spotted around Vancouver.  Since this is outside of their natural range, the best thing for them is live capture and a return to their proper environment.  

We have moved our live-trap to a location close to where Mortimer was spotted.  Hopefully we can get him back to where he belongs in time for the sunny August weather!

Please keep emailing your Mortimer sightings to : .  

Click here to see some of the varied locations that Mortimer (or his look alikes!) have been sighted at.


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