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Orphaned deer brought to Grouse Mountain by Critter Care Wildlife Society have been returned to the wild spaces of the North Shore Mountains. The deer spent 8 days in a transition enclosure while they became acclimatized to mountain conditions. Bottled raised by dedicated staff at the Critter Care rehabilitation facility in Langley, BC, these orphaned deer all originated from the North Shore region and were given a second chance at life in the wild after losing their mothers to a variety of circumstances in 2014. Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife staff have been pleased to assist in the release of the deer, and have learned as much from them as the deer have of the mountain through the adjustment period. Having gone through a "soft release" it is anticipated that these new residents will now have an opportunity to successfully integrate themselves into the local population of Columbia Black-tailed deer that reside on Grouse Mountain and the surrounding valleys. This is the time of year that the deer population begin to herd and it will not be long before they find new companions.