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If you’ve stopped by Altitudes patio recently you may have noticed it’s lined with some fantastic looking veggies. Now in its third year, our vegetable garden continues to develop and include new and delicious herbs, greens and vegetables. 

Again this summer you can find a variety of kales, Butter lettuce, Swiss chard and herbs like Rosemary, Mint, Oregano and Italian parsley. New additions to the garden include a variety of sweet and hot peppers and different types of tomatoes like Cherry and Beefsteak. In addition we’ve added Nasturtiums and Lavender which not only give some beautiful colour to the garden but can also add a colourful garnish to your plate as they are edible flowers. 

Just recently our Gardening team made their first harvest of the season and delivered a crop of Butter lettuce, Lacianto kale and green onions to our chefs. In addition to seasonal harvests you will often see our chefs out picking fresh herbs to include in the dishes on The Observatory and Altitudes Bistro menus.  

While not quite ripe yet, we’re looking forward to seeing juicy tomatoes and peppers from our very own gardens hit the menu later this summer. Stay tuned!
Green onion from the Grouse Mountain Garden
Grouse Mountain Veggie Garden 2018
Vegetable harvest from Grouse Mountain Garden


To ensure you’re prepared for your visit, please check current conditions and the status of activities before arriving at Grouse Mountain. 

Grouse Mountain is requiring all guests (born in 2009 or earlier) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.