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Next up in our #PlayMakers of Grouse Mountain series we’ll take a look at another important group you might not necessarily encounter out on the Mountain – but they’re working away to keep us covered in the white stuff. Our fantastic team of snowmakers are best in class at giving Mother Nature a helping hand when it comes to snow, so you can keep enjoying your favourite runs all season long. 

 Meet Rory, now in his second season at Grouse Mountain and one of our dedicated snowmakers. Coming to us all the way from Scotland, he first honed his snowmaking skills at Scotland’s CairnGorm Mountain. You can find him here climbing tower guns on the Cut and working his snowmaking magic. “What I enjoy most about the job is the variety – plus the odd midnight snowball fight with the guys doesn’t hurt.”
“A normal shift for us starts by getting geared up and checking in with the team on the previous shift so we know what’s been going on. We’ll check the weather and make a plan for the day then the team usually divides up into different areas on the Mountain. From that point on we’re out, turning snow guns on or off depending on the weather. Conditions are constantly changing so when the guns are running they need to be checked regularly, usually every half our or so. Things like temperature changes and wind changes are important to keep an eye on so we can make necessary adjustments through the day. 

When the conditions are right for making snow it’s full on every shift – we’re able to provide great coverage on our extensive terrain, but having largest snowmaking fleet on the North Shore means there’s a lot of equipment to monitor.”
“This job can be pretty unpredictable, mostly because we’re so conditions dependant. But it’s great to know that when we’re out there making snow, it directly benefits our guests by providing them a better experience on the Mountain. It’s a beautiful sight to watch the line of guns down the Cut blasting out snow early in the morning. 

In this line of work, I’m also lucky that I get to have some pretty cool experiences. One of my favourite memories working here is watching a meteor shower while out on the Mountain for the night shift – it was absolutely incredible.” | Rory - GMR Snowmaker


 Thank you for a great 2021/2022 Winter season.  Skiing and Snowboarding is now closed until next season!