Grouse Mountain will be closed for scheduled maintenance on various dates this month: Monday, April 15, Monday, April 22, Tuesday, April 23, and Thursday, April 25. There will be no access to the Skyride and mountaintop facilities on these dates.
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This very morning on Grouse Mountain, with a clatter of hooves, two of Santa's reindeer, Dancer and Vixen arrived for our annual Peak of Christmas celebration.  Dancer and Vixen are here to represent Santa this year, since he is staying put at the North Pole (see Holly Snowflakes official update on Santa here).  They quickly settled into their familiar mountaintop habitat and started munching down on the left over vegetation - no doubt to build energy for a very busy Christmas Eve world-wide trip!

Dancer and Vixen are not only representing Santa but also are ambassadors for Reindeer and Caribou (yes they are the same species! Come to our daily Reindeer Talks to learn more!) around the world.  Caribou are a hearty species of deer that live in cold climates all around the northern parts of the globe - including the North Pole!  Reindeer is a name that we give to Caribou that have been domesticated and now live with humans on farms throughout the world - including Santa's extra special Christmas Reindeer of course.

You can now visit Dancer and Vixen at the Reindeer Habitat on the far side of our Skating Rink at the top of Grouse Mountain.  If you would like to brush up on your Reindeer and Caribou knowledge you can attend our daily Reindeer Talks at 12pm and 3pm where one of our Wildlife Rangers will give you the history of Santa's Reindeer and some cool Caribou facts in general.  Take home some knowledge to quiz your family over Christmas!

Grouse Mountain's Peak of Christmas Event runs from November 20th through to January 3rd - for more details please click here.