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Reindeer at the Peak of Christmas

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Santa's two reindeer, Dancer and Vixen, joined us this year at the start of December for our Peak of Christmas event. They had a great time before Christmas meeting with all the visitors and families that were exploring the North Pole setting at Grouse Mountain. They also hung out with Santa Claus himself near his workshop!

Dancer and Vixen joined all of the other reindeer (Donner, Dasher, Comet, Cupid, Prancer, Blitzen and of course Rudolph) for a productive, if somewhat exhausting, Christmas Eve of delivering presents with Santa all around the world!

After this, they were pretty worn out so they decided to take an extended vacation hanging out at Grouse Mountain to recover. They had lots of naps and copious amounts of food at their all inclusive resort habitat. 

Just this past Monday Dancer and Vixen were seen leaving the mountain to return back to Santa's Workshop at the North Pole where they will start preparations and training for Christmas 2018! We hope you join us, and Dancer and Vixen, next year for our Peak of Christmas only at Grouse Mountain!

Grouse Mountain Reindeer