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Tropical layover

A couple weeks back, two of Santa's Reindeer, Dancer and Vixen, appeared beside Santa's workshop on Grouse Mountain.  They had flown in from the North Pole for a bit of sunshine and some... tropical... temperatures (compared to the North Pole that is!).  

Since then they've been enjoying an all inclusive stay with good food, water and visits with our guests and even checking in daily with Santa himself!

Lots of sleep needed

Since they are going to have to pull an all-nighter on the evening of the 24th, both Dancer and Vixen are getting in a lot of reindeer naps up here in the sunshine.

They also get some special pellets designed by Santa Clause to give them some extra energy reserves!

To top it off, they get a good sampling of Alfalfa Salad - which as it turns out also makes a good day bed in the snow!

LEArn about reindeers

Dancer and Vixen love guests and helping us teach our visitors about reindeer life and history.  

Every day we host Reindeer Talks at 12pm and 3pm at the Reindeer Habitat next to Santa's Workshop.  We would love to see you there!

Want to know why the girls grow antlers as well as the boys?  Who is in charge over the winter?  How do they survive the extreme cold of the North Pole?  Just how hard is it to pull Santa around the world in one evening?

All these questions will be answered and discussed!

Watch for them at your house on Christmas eve!

Be sure to listen for the clickety-clack of Reindeer hooves on your roof on the evening of the 24th - Dancer and Vixen will be part of the team!  Come say hi before then and we're trying to encourage them to come back for a bit of R&R after Christmas before returning to the North Pole in the New Year.  Happy Holidays everyone!