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Sam is a busy guy, spending much of his time competing overseas with the Alpine Canada ski team or training closer to home for his next big event. As a member of the Grouse Mountain family and former Tyee Ski Club racer, we have been closely following his career and celebrating his accomplishments. Sam's certainly been a rising star since he first made the Canadian Alpine Development Ski Team back in 2016. Sam's most recent accomplishment was becoming the first Canadian to make a podium finish at the 2018 FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships, taking second place - no small feat! 

Over the Christmas break, Sam spent a little time at home and got back to his roots out on the slopes at Grouse Mountain. We were thrilled to be able to catch up with him between laps and chat about some of his favourite memories. 

world cup ranking

#10 - Downhill (Nor-Am Cup) 2018 
#2 - Super-G (Nor-Am Cup) 2018 
#5 - Alpine Combined (Nor-Am Cup) 2018 
#3 - Overall (Nor-Am Cup) 2018

medal highlights

#4 - Super-G FIS Junior World Ski Championships 
#2 - Alp. Combined FIS Jnr. World Ski Championships 
#5 - Alpine Combined Nor-Am Cup 
#3 - Downhill FIS Junior World Ski Championships