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Our 14th annual Seek the Peak race is fast approaching we want to make sure you have all the info you need to rock those race day hills. Stay tuned as we share some helpful training and preparation tips to support your journey, all the way to the Peak! 

Today our Seek The Peak Trainer, Marieve Legrand shares some words of encouragement at the halfway point of training.

Seek the Peak 2017 – It’s May and the race is 5 weeks away! 

As I look up from my house to the Peak of Grouse Mountain, I can’t help but be in awe of how majestic those mountains look, even more so with all the snow they still have on them! I’ve hiked up the BCMC trail a few times in the last couple of weeks to get a sense of the amount of snow left, and let’s just say that it’s no wonder the bears only just came out of their den! It’s still winter up there, and we’ll just have to wait to see what May has in store for us. 

So yes, we’ve had to alter the training plans a bit. Last week, according to the “plan”, runners were supposed to tackle the Grind. Obviously, that did not happen, but hey, we’re surrounded by hills and trails, so it’s never a problem to come up with Plan B… or C. 

I have to say that I am so impressed by the dedication and motivation I see every Thursday evening. Our group training runs are not easy, and everyone who comes out accepts these challenges with determination. There have been many laughs and smiles (usually at the end), and I know how hard everyone is working. Hills are hard. The effort is real. And to be honest, it never feels easy. The truth is, however, that everyone gets stronger. And faster. 

We’ve all signed up for this race for many reasons and have committed to giving it our best shot. My commitment to everyone is to prepare them the best I can for the big day. I’ve said before that one of the many reasons I love to be a part of this race is that after 10 weeks of training together, seeing everyone cross the finish line feels like the biggest party ever. Hearts soar and adrenaline levels are high. There are hugs, there are high-fives, and there are real feelings of having accomplished something many thought impossible 10 weeks prior. 

That’s what keeps me coming back and loving this so much. It’s so much more than running hills. It’s a privilege that allows us to push our limits and test ourselves. It’s about new friendships and setting goals that seemed crazy at first. 

So there we are, halfway through the training program. We’ve already tamed Nancy Greene Way and know our way through the Capilano Pacific trails. We now need to continue to build our endurance and strength along rocky and technical uphill trails while the snow slowly melts and lets us up to the top. 

 5 weeks done, 5 more to go. Just imagine.

For more information on Seek the Peak and to register, click here.