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1. Why are you getting involved in Seek the Peak?

This year, I am getting involved in Seek the Peak as a way to celebrate. That is, celebrating the health that I have, and that my mom and aunt have. If I can use my health to raise money in the hopes that it brings health to others, why wouldn't I?

2. What impact has cancer had on you and/or your family?

Cancer seems to be a part of my family now. It has taken many relatives over the years. Thankfully, this year I can proudly say that both my mom (diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013) and my auntie (diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013) have kicked cancer’s ass and now have a clean bill of health. However, both are still struggling a bit with the after-effects of chemotherapy. This spring, I had a breast cancer scare of my own. I found a lump and went to the doctor. Those weeks between the first appointment and the ultrasound/ biopsy were the longest weeks of my life, and then add waiting for the results on top of it all. I then later travelled from northern BC to go to the Sadie Diamond Breast Health Centre in Vancouver to see Dr. Paula Gordon. She was wonderful and told me some amazing news. I was fine!

3. What would be your greatest wish for cancer 10 years from now?

First off, I obviously wish for a cure. But getting into the deeper side of things, I would like to see cancer not have such a powerful effect over people. It brings such fear into whoever’s life it touches. I wish cancer treatment would get to the point where it was no scarier than catching the common cold.

4. What aspect of the event/course are you most looking forward to?

This is kind of a tough one as there are many things that I look forward to! This might sound twisted but I'm looking forward to the Grind the most, not only to see if I can beat my time but in the past few events that seems to be where I have connected with others the most. Everyone (well, most people aside from the crazy ones who can complete the event in under two hours!) has to slow down their normal pace so it gives a chance to connect with the people who are struggling right alongside you. You get to learn their story and why they are doing what they are. Last year, there was a guy quoting the speech by Al Pacino from the movie Any Given Sunday. I don't know how his lungs held up but he quoted the whole thing, and with enthusiasm, to boot! It was incredibly entertaining and took our minds off the painful task we were doing, but it was also kind of fitting. If you haven't seen the movie at least read the quote here.

5. Why should others register for Seek the Peak?

If you can, then you should. Like I said before, if you could celebrate your luck of good health and raise some money to help others get healthy, why wouldn't you? I think too many people these days are taking their health for granted. Living your life without some sort of health complication doesn't seem to happen much anymore and we need to work together to help those who are sick. This is a great way to do that. Not to mention, there are so many benefits to your own health if you are training and completing this event.

6. Which city do you reside in?

I live in Chetwynd, BC, a super-small town in northern British Columbia on the "right side" of the Rockies.