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1. Why are you getting involved in Seek the Peak?

Seek the Peak is a great challenge to test your strength; it's a fundraiser for a great cause, so it makes it quite easy to want to participate. Moreover, Seek the Peak features one of the hardest challenges in Vancouver in the Grouse Grind. I feel that if we can crush some hills, we can crush cancer.

2. What impact has cancer had on you and/or your family?

My aunt passed away from breast cancer in December 2013. She was one of my favourite people. She was a strong woman who loved and enjoyed life. She lost her battle after four years. I miss her a lot and I want to honour her. More recently, my friend and co-worker also got diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery on May 20th. I want to fight with her and we agreed that crushing some hills was a good way to do it!

3. What would be your greatest wish for cancer ten years from now?

A cure.

4. Do you have a personal connection to the BC Cancer Agency?

I am thankful that such an agency helps and supports families going through difficult times. I also believe that all the research will lead to a breakthrough discovery sooner rather than later.

5. What aspect of the event/course are you most looking forward to?

Crossing the finish line with almost no energy left, raising my arms in the air, and being one step closer to crush cancer.

6. Why should others register for Seek the Peak?

It's a race for a great cause and it will challenge you. And then there’s the view at the top of Grouse Mountain!

7. Which city do you reside in?

Vancouver, BC.