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When we moved to Vancouver last year, we lived on Nancy Greene Way and were Grouse Mountain passholders, so I first heard of Seek the Peak from emails I'd receive and posters I'd see on the mountain.

As my Mum, Glenys Richardson, died of breast cancer at the age of 45, every year I like to do a breast cancer fundraiser. I come from Melbourne and there we usually do the breast cancer run around the Botanical Gardens and people write on their race bibs who they're running for. It's a reminder of how many people are touched by this.

This is my second year running Seek the Peak and I love it. Because you can do the race individually or as part of a team, it makes it very accessible to a whole range of ages and fitness levels.

My team 'The Golden Glen's' consists of myself and my two boys aged 8 and 10 and as they never got to meet their Grandma, it's a way of annually making her a part of our lives.

We've signed up for the training sessions which are full of camaraderie and great advice from a host of professionals about how to prepare yourself and optimize your fitness for the run.

Hats off to the staff of Grouse Mountain who not only are incredibly organized but go out of their way to make sure it's a great event and lots of fun!