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Seek the Peak participant Nicole van Zanten is documenting her weekly training leading up to the big day.  Have a read of her first training diary entry below:

You know when you sign-up for a difficult race, only to experience the “I’m actually doing this!” feeling a few weeks later? I think that just happened.

My name is Nicole van Zanten and I’ve registered to participate in Seek the Peak this June. With 16KM of uphill trails that will require toughness and grit, I couldn’t be more excited for this challenge.

As a long-distance cyclist and runner (recreationally, I might add), I’ve had the privilege of taking part in some very difficult races, though Seek the Peek is a different challenge of its own. Initially, I signed-up to help support such a wonderful cause, while slotting in a race as cross-training for long-distance cycling events later on in the Summer. Now, I have Seek the Peek circled on the calendar as my race of the year.

To stay fit, currently I love hitting the trails, getting on my road bike for a long ride or joining a spin class at my local gym. Training for Seek the Peek will certainly be a whole new experience, so this blog will serve as a weekly update on my progress. From running the Cleveland Dam to heading to the Grouse Grind during the season, I will be mixing in some of my own training, along with Seek the Peak’s program.

If you have raced this event solo, or simply have a few tips to help support a successful, injury-free training program, please tweet me.

Until next week,