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Seek the Peak participant Nicole van Zanten is documenting her weekly training leading up to the big day. Have a read of her second training diary entry below:

Week 2: Breaking The Route Into Three Pieces

In Week 2 of the Seek the Peak training program, the recommended weekend run route is to begin at Cleveland Dam, tackle Nancy Greene and head down the road switchbacks to the Skyline trail. This run is 8KM and should take between 60-90 minutes.

Nancy Greene is said to be one of the more difficult areas of the route. When chatting with a few friends about this race just a few weeks ago, I was challenged to stay focused on three challenging aspects of this event. The three potential mental hurdles, so to speak. Instead of waiting until race day to tackle them for the first time, it is important to be aware of these hurdles and face them head-on.

Ready to tackle them with me?

1. Solo vs. Relay

I love that there is a relay option for this race. Endurance events are meant to be supportive (there’s nothing like seeing your friends and family holding signs and cheering you on), and to have a relay team option is a remarkable addition for Seek the Peak. For solo runners, however, seeing fresh legs join your route can be a mental challenge.

2. Nancy Greene Way

I’ve never tackled Nancy Greene Way, so this weekend training run will be interesting! I’ve been told that this part of the route is a huge challenge, so I expect for this to be tough.

3. Post-Grind

When you complete the Grouse Grind on a regular Sunday, you don’t expect to be told you need to complete 3KM more, right? Although this is the home stretch of the race, I’m sure it will be a challenging, yet rewarding finale.

Breaking the route into three challenging pieces will allow participants to know what’s coming, be prepared for what’s ahead and defeat those mental roadblocks before they begin.

See you next week (with an update from the Nancy Greene run!)


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