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Don’t forget the stairs…

We’ve entered the 30-day countdown to Seek the Peak. Are you ready?

Quick check-in for this week as my training weekend revolved around the Grouse Grind and Nancy Greene, where I was once again reminded just how many stairs there are on this route.

As you climb through Capilano and onto Nancy Greene, the grind of the race really starts to begin. Once runners begin the Palisades Trail, we will face an 800 meter climb up a section of technical trail and a series of stairs. Capilano to the base of Grouse Mountain is a total of 6KM in distance, but is the beginning of a great climb to the top.

If you haven’t started preparing your legs for this sort of elevation increase, it’s time to begin. Remember - Grouse has a great training calendar that you can follow, and I recommend replicating a few of these routes before race day.

I’ve exchanged some great tweets with a few of you as we all prepare for race day, so please keep sharing your thoughts and training preparation. We’re all in this together!

Next weekend I will be tackling legs 1-3 of the race for a great session. Where will you embark?

Happy training!



 Thank you for a great 2021/2022 Winter season.  Skiing and Snowboarding is now closed until next season!