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Week 8: Get Ready for the Taper

Two weeks to go until Seek the Peak - is everyone ready?

With the start line inching closer, it’s time to start thinking about the taper - the time in a training program when we focus on less running and more recovery. It sounds like a dream for many, doesn’t it?

Tapering allows your body to recover and regroup, preparing you for race day. The length of a taper depends on the length of a race, though it is generally understood that a half-marathon taper should be two weeks in length. For comparison sake, we can compare Seek the Peak to a half-marathon.

Start Dropping the Miles
You know the saying, “less is more”? That rings true during your taper. Many runners drop their mileage by 50% in the final week leading up to race day. You have likely been decreasing your mileage since your peak run or training session, but if you haven’t - take note over the next two weeks. Just be sure you’re not dropping your overall intensity.

Watch What You Eat
It might be easy to fall into the trap of eating more and not placing much thought into your meal balance. After all, you’re going to burn a ton of calories on race day, right? Be sure to eat well and nourish your body during this time. Protein, greens, carbs and hydration will put you in a great position for race day.

Trust in your Training
Personally speaking, I start to feel phantom pains during taper. “My hip hurts. What’s going on?” or “What’s that pain in my lower back?” Trust in your training (and your taper) and avoid thinking about those sneaky doubts. You’ve prepared yourself for Seek the Peak, so it’s now time to take care of your body and arrive healthy on race day.

On my end, I completed a half-marathon this weekend and am now going into another small taper before Seek the Peak. I’m relying on my foam roller over the next two weeks and will be nursing any lingering phantom pains!

PS: If you haven’t registered, visit the link here - and be sure to tell your family and friends about this great event.


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