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Away from the Mountain...

Hey everyone! So this week Michelle and I were kept away from the Seek the Peek training due to our work schedules but that didn't mean the training had to stop. Michelle has been training for a half-marathon (her first) in May so shes been putting up tons of KMs in and around the homebase to get prepared for the endurance portion of such a task.

This included: 
  • Buntzen Lake Trail Run (8km)
  • Road Run- Moderate changes in elevation (13km)
  • Road Run- Relatively flat, slower paced (5km)

It is quite obvious that endurance and proper technique will play a big role in the success of this year's Seek the Peak finishers. One area of training that is often excluded by the running weekend warrior is strength training. The beginner athlete often points to increased muscle mass as a deterrent to speed and a leading factor in oxygen consumption, thus effecting their overall performance. I am not an expert on the correlation between muscle cause/effect in relation to athletic performance on endurance for an athlete. However, one website that I found particularly helpful in dispelling myths and assisting in my training is JK Conditioning (not associated with Seek the Peak or Grouse Mountain). 

This week I formulated some of my training to include leg strengthening exercises:

  • Weighted Sled Pushes
  • Weighted Sled Pulls
  • Barbell Box Squats
  • Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
  • Turkish Get-Ups (Strict Form) 
  • Dumbell Squat Cleans 
  • Box Jumps

As with all training, these exercises were performed after a good dose of dynamic warmup and mobility work. Each completed workout had a cooling down period to flush the legs (bike, jog, light skipping, ect.) and a good 10-15 minutes of foam rolling. This is becoming a bit of a fad exercise in itself but we've been doing it for years and it's been fantastic for injury prevention, reducing muscle soreness and increasing mobility. It actually works!

Thanks for reading, keep up the training! Don't forget to join us and hundreds more at Seek the Peak this June! Sign-up and be a part of the event here.

Gareth & Michelle