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With the end of March quickly approaching we are starting to get a lot of inquiries into the status of Grinder and Coola, our two resident Grizzly bears!  For now they are both still comfy and snuggled up in the bear den sleeping away most of the day.

That being said, however, as the days are getting longer and temperatures overall warmer we are noticing more activity on our hibernation bear camera.

Recently the bears have been seen rolling around, remaking the bed, doing some stretching and overall spending more time out of the sleeping chamber and into the larger front-area of the den.  Our Wildlife Rangers have even seen them poking their heads out to see what we are up to with our daily checks (see the photo below!).  

Since we are observing this activity we have decided it's time to give mother nature a helping hand and we have started to push some snow away from the bear den so we can set-up the bears hibernation habitat in early April and be ready for their emergence when they are ready.  At this point we are anticipating sometime in mid-late April but we'll update as we go!

Stay tuned for further updates on End of Hibernation 2018!