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Seek the Peak is just over a month away. I'd assume that most of you who are already registered for the race have begun some hill climbs, interval training or heck, maybe tightening your glutes on the Stairmaster for the Grouse Grind portion of the course. 

My focus this week? Almost exactly the opposite!

For the past few days, including a few more to follow, my primary focal point has been to taper my training into a state of light workouts and relaxation. Now this may seem odd, and with no explanation it most certainly would be. It is that this up coming weekend I plan to tackle my second half marathon here in Vancouver.

For most people the second go around of something like this would be more comfortable, in that you are more familiar with what is in store for both your body and mind.

Remembering when to turn it on. 

Remembering when to take a pull of that much needed power gel.

Remembering not to burn yourself out in the first 4 kilometers of the run. 

While these would be the thoughts of the masses, I am not like most. The second go around has me far more anxious and fretful then the first. It’s not that I am questioning my training, nor am I fearful of the distance. The feeling that sits at the bottom of my stomach comes from shear competitiveness. It’s almost a sickening excitement knowing how bad I want to better my finish time over last years race. This may not be the healthiest mindset to enter an event, as some trainers will say to remain calm and to remember that crossing the finish line is a goal in and of itself. While I completely agree that it is certainly a feat to drag your body along the pavement for 21.1 kilometers. 

My goal is simple: To better myself. 
The week before a race I like to keep things mellow with short comfortable runs. Here’s a quick series if you yourself need a little weekly structure: 

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 10KM
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 6KM
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 4KM
  • Sunday – Race Day! 

Always keep that ever so important pace in the back of your mind. You don’t want to be running these shorter runs too fast or even worse too slow and have it throw you off come game time. 

Days of resting truly mean exactly that, take a load off and let your body recuperate. This schedule mixed with a wide variety body-weight exercises (I add these into the run days), an abundance of stretching, balanced with nutritional meals and hydration will hopefully help set a new personal best. 

If this is a race weekend for you, well… break a leg. See you all at finish line and wish me luck!

—Brad Cashman

Don't forget to register for Seek the Peak here. Everyone that's registered is welcome to Columbia's complimentary Race Clinics every Tuesday.


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