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  • Overall height: 65 metres/215 feet 
  • Made of structural steel in three sections 
  • Weight: 133,946 kg/285,300 lbs (145 tons)

  • Diameter: 7 metres/23 feet 
  • Elevation: 57 metres/187 feet 
  • Weight: 13,600 kg/30,000 lbs (15 tons) 
  • Capacity: 36 people 
  • Framework: Structural steel and glass 
  • Glass: Tempered 2.54 cm/1 inch thick 
  • Viewing Area: 360 degrees (all points on the compass) 

  • Elevator Capacity: 7 people per passage 
  • Speed: 5.76 km per hour 
  •  Travel-time to top of tower: 35 seconds

Generation System 
  • Output: 1.5 Megawatt 
  • Model: Leitwind LTW77 
  • Cut-in wind speed: 9.72 km per hour 
  •  Cut-out wind speed: 90 km per hour 
  •  Max wind speed at blade tips: 300 km per hour 
  • Output Capacity: Enough energy to supply the needs of 400 homes over a year. 

  • Blade material: fibreglass reinforced polyester 
  • Swept area of blades: 4,657 square metres/28,400 square feet 
  • Blades: 5,530 kg/12,200 lbs each, 37.3 metres/122 feet long each 


For those of you planning a trip to Grouse Mountain today, Nancy Greene Way has been plowed and salted. Please be aware the Ice Skating Rink will be closed from 5pm this evening for the annual DEBRA Charity Broomball Tournament.