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This summer marks the exciting addition of two honey bee hives to the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife!  We are excited to host the two hives and determine if organic honey production is possible on the mountaintop.

Bees are of critical importance in our eco-system as pollinators and there have been declining numbers of them over the past years.  Scientists are not sure what the cause of this die off is, but speculation is that rising global temperatures combined with overuse of pesticides are to blame.

Our bees will gather nectar from mountaintop sub-alpine flowers, such as blueberries, lupine, clover and wildflowers.  The honey they produce will be organic and pesticide free.

Bees are fascinating creatures and have a complex social hierarchy.  In addition to honey production, we will incorporate a strong educational component to the bee's and educate both public and school children about why we should love bees and not fear to have them around.

For now the bees are settling in to their new home - stay tuned for further updates as the honey begins to flow in!