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“We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen 

Thinking of popping the question over the holidays? A few quick tips on how to keep the romance and surprise in one of the most exciting, yet nerve racking questions of all time. 

A good rule of thumb for any proposal is to know the answer before you pop the question. If you are going to propose, you shouldn’t be surprised by the answer and if you think you don’t know the answer, you may want to give it a little more time. Confirmation that your better half is likely to say yes – if you are picking out rings together. Confirmation that she/he may say no – if they’re still openly dating other people. 

Make sure to surprise your love even though they might be expecting it. Whether you’ve talked about it, shopped for rings or discussed with the family; it should still be unexpected and a complete surprise when it happens. A vacation spot, night out on the town, during a renovation, there’s always a blind spot of opportunity that you can play with. 

Choose a favourite place whether public or private. The love of your life either likes it private or wants to take it public. A ball game, restaurant, park or in your home; make sure it’s the setting you both feel comfortable in and there’s some sort of connection or element that ties the two of you together. 

Pay attention to details when proposing. The surroundings, ambiance, food, champagne, flowers, how ever you want to propose – big or small, make sure the details count. If they love champagne, have a bottle ready. If they have a gluten allergy, maybe don’t propose in a pasta joint. 

Get down on one knee. It’s part of tradition, very romantic and also generally deemed a sign of respect and surrender. This act of humility makes your better half recognize that you are surrendering your single life behind.

Relax, even though every fiber of your being will probably not, but just try. Even though most want to make the moment perfect, you will likely break a sweat or stumble over words. This will just add to the imperfect perfectness of your proposal – or at least they will see it that way.

Put a ring on that finger. A proposal with no ring is just a notion of a promise date without the tie to bind the question; plus, many people love to show off their new piece of jewelry the next day. Even if it’s a fun placeholder for their finger, a ring is part of the tradition. 

For the proposal speech, keep it short, sweet and personal. Make sure you let them know all the reasons why you love them and why you want to spend the next many years being their other half. 

Capturing the moment. Some like to keep it spontaneous and remember the day by memory and other’s like it captured on film and video. Do what works best for you and your love, it’s your moment. 

After your love says yes…it’s celebration time. Let a few family/friends know the good news and then toast to yourselves. This is the start to a new phase in your life. The moment is beautiful and real. Celebrate the love and calmness, as the next days to follow will be the planning and the start of chaos will ensue. Not to worry though, as there are many close family & friends, venues and vendors that are willing to step in and help where they can. 

From an intimate gathering to a spectacular party of 500+, weddings at Grouse Mountain are pure magic. Receptions can take place in summer or winter, outdoors under a marquis tent or inside one of our many reception areas, including Grouse Mountain’s grand Chalet. Happily ever after starts here.


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